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SERV LINE Utilities Protection begins Jan. 1,2024


Town of Elton's ServLine Protection Program will begin January 1,2024. 

The Town of Elton offers protection againt costly service bills caused by unexpected leaks. The Town of Elton offers up to $2,500 coverage per occurrence.

Water Leak protection will be $2.38 per month (residential), $6.60 per month (Commercial Single Occupancy) 

In the event of a costly water bill caused by high water usage due to a qualifying leak or line break, the Town of Elton's leak loss protection program covers the costly utility bill once the active cause of the leak has been repaired. 

All eligible customers are automatically enrolled in our optional expanded Water Leak Loss Protection Program and charges will appear on your utility bill. Call 337-301-8066 to decline protection and accept full responsibilty for all excess water charges caused by a leak.